Friday, January 30, 2015

Chasing...a REALLY Good God

For years I believed a big, fat  lie. I believed that God just tolerated me--that he HAD to love me because he was God...and that is what God is supposed to do.
There were years where I thought that God was just tolerating my existence until he took me home to heaven. Ya know?! Ever felt like that?
I had this silly notion that God must feel the same way about I felt about me.
That my performance was totally my ticket to heaven and that was the determining factor of God's love for me...and it wasn't looking very promising...
Somewhere I went skipping down a path of works based grace.

My head knew God was good and that He loved me...but my heart felt something much, much different.
Weighed down by my messes.

Maybe, because I know my own junk...
just like you know yours...
and our self worth tells us that maybe we aren't worth it.

Maybe I know my own guilt...
just like you know yours...
and the past plays with the future.

Yeah-I am screwed up, too.

Maybe I know my own mess...
just like you know yours...
and our own control issues make us press the life right out of living.
God. is. Good.
Do you just know a lot of facts about the Bible or do you trust that His word is true?
So why is it so hard to chase a good God with abandon???...and why do I waste so much time on STUFF that is temporary??? Jennie Allen said...we try to make wind feel like concrete. We base our lives on chasing the wind. We have a place in each of us--that eternal place--that only God Himself can fill...and we try to cram all kinds of things in that spot-$,friends, stuff, religion, food, popularity only to come up more empty than before.It is a crazy train wreck.It doesn't work.

So how do I chase God????

To run this race-to pursue God with total abandon,we need to begin at the starting line
--the cross.
Coming to our Jericho's and watching God tear down walls.
Walking in obedience because 
God. IS. Good
and His ways are good.

Running the race--
chasing God
--it is worth it.
And it starts by TRUSTING
that you are who HE says you are.
Yes..He says that you are...

not guilty anymore
not filthy anymore
I love you.
Mercy is yours.
Your not broken anymore
not captive anymore
I love you.
Mercy is yours.

If you think that God has some wrath left over for you--you don't know Jesus and you won't chase God with all your heart. You'll be like the cowering kid waiting for the next blow instead of the beloved child holding the gentle hand of your Father. 
Trusting that He has all of the messes figured out.
Knowing that He is for you.
Resting in His promises.
Leaning on the very Grace 
that He provided.

Our wrong beliefs about who God is--what Jesus has done on our behalf--and who we are as a Child of the King are the reason we don't chase God with passion!!
Our strongholds need torn down.
Our pride needs torn down.
The walls of self sufficiency
and the lies of the enemy need torn down.

And that begins when we bend our knees in prayer.
God is worth chasing and He is worth laying aside the sins
that weigh us down.

As you listen to the words of this song, may mercy and forgiveness help to bend your knee before 
Grace Incarnate. 
This morning-trust who God says you are and chase Him
until you hear God singing his love over you.(Zeph. 3:17)It is a still small voice and it is beautiful sound.

My prayer for you, sweet sister, is that in learning to chase God-
you come to a greater more intimate knowledge that really-all along-He was pursuing you.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Lesson 101-Trusting without Borders...

Ok. So I am doing this 40 days of Promise challenge and thinking-HA....been checking off the scriptures on the list and thinking...not bad-this is doable! I'm wearing my bracelet and bee-bopping around the house in time to the sunshine thinking...hey!...this trust thing isn't as hard as I thought it would be. (Did you hear the clinking of the buttons popping off my shirt?! and...YEAH. God. took. care. of. that. this. week....again.)

Life. happens. and. rugs. get. pulled.out. and. bodies. fall. down... and that bracelet got some serious mileage going back and forth between each wrist as I desperately clung to scripture after scripture while God spoke assurance and grace into my situation.
I sat there 
with my spiral bound note cards
chock full of scriptures on them
Desperately wishing I could make decisions for others that could change them...desperately needing to trust God is in control. Been there? 
trust. without. borders.
trust. without. borders.
trust. without .borders.
So I heard God singing over me need to 
pray. without. borders....
and so as I trust my prayers are heard...
I learn to trust The One that Answers.
So-lesson 101 in trusting without borders...

As long as my trust in God is contained and controllable in my own little world- my faith is empty and powerless.

My praying 
looked more like a
 Christmas list to Santa 
than a petition to
the Creator of the Universe 
who holds
 ALL things in His hands.
Instead of 

Intercession is hard work and it isn't childrens play. Praying is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal. 
Anguishing over loved ones
over results of poor choices
over diagnosis
over broken lives & broken hearts
over dying marriages
over dying children
over distorted views
over sin in the house of God.

When I pray in faith-trusting that He is able to do far above what I can even imagine...I can rest.


Lion of Judah who defends me!
The Prince of Peace who comforts the downcast!
The Great Physician who heals my wounds!
The Mighty Warrior who goes before me into battle!
The Wonderful in whom I can delight!
The Counselor who guides me!
The Creator who constantly renews me!
The Husbandman that Redeems me!
The Lamb who was slain for me!
The Son of God who is my brother and friend!
The Faithful and True!
The God that cannot lie!
The Lover of my soul!

And if He is who I am calling can I not trust Him? Praise God, that He has done all these things for me. Friend, I pray that you hear God singing over you today--because He has done these things for you.

So-today-I choose to keep the bracelet on my wrist--without moving it to the other wrist...because today--I choose to pray to the one 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Trusting Without Borders

I've been thinking about what God is wanting from for me in 2015. 

then I read this blog post this morning...


and I realized that (once again) isn't about me... OH-imagine that?!
"It isn't that we have a TRUTH problem; it's that we have a TRUST problem. We don't really TRUST what we know to be TRUE." ~Arabah Joy


anxiety that chokes...
fear that smothers...
pasts that don't let go...
and futures that look bleak.
depression that hangs on...
failure that keeps us down...
uncertainty that weights us down...
unhealthy life choices.
grief that overwhelms.
pain that stabs.
guilt that covers.
shame that hides us...
patterns of sin

i can fill my head with all the truth...
i can stuff scriptures in my brain all day...
read all self-help articles...
chat with others about issues...
but it really boils down to one thing.

Do I really know it to be true in my life?
That God DOES really have things under control...
That my future is secure...
That He loves me enough that He won't let me go...
That my eternal security doesn't depend on my performance--but on Christ alone.

So-I dug out a bracelet that my kids made for me a LONG time ago...

and I'm taking the 40 day challenge. 
For the next 40 days I am going to learn how to TRUST WITHOUT BORDERS... And I am trusting that I will loose myself and find that Jesus will always be enough.

Feel free to click 
read the post
print off the scripture list
and see what God is doing!