Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Right Man

Ok-so teenagers are
Last night our family had the best time playing cards.
(and stayed up too late!)
The Southern Gospel tunes
(as well as Audio Adrenaline...)
were cranked up.
Hey, we only played one song at a time...
...and yes...the genres are opposite...
...don't send an email about it either! :)
We like it that way!

Everybody has their own groove.
Their own way to
praise Jesus.

We had a blast...
Our family is a singing family.
all. 4. parts.
and it is so much fun!
We have had the opportunity 
to share our music with
lots of people...
but when we can cut loose
in the kitchen
we sure make it sound interesting.
We have tenors trying to be
We have bass trying to be
All wrapped up with
teenage hormones

I. love. it!!!!

Last night was no exception.
We laughed until our
sides hurt.
We smiled until the wrinkles in our cheeks
were fixed in place.
One song came on over the speakers...
(below is the link!)
and as everyone sang...
I looked around the table...
at some pretty awesome teens.
What amazing things that God has planned.
pilot/musician/computer techie...future unfurled!!
author/musician/amazing cook...the sky is the limit!!
farmer/mechanic/business stopping him!!
What an awesome thing...
to be a parent...
to watch them grow up.
to make choices...
the good/ the bad/ the wise & not-so-wise 
and even...
well, um...ridiculously funny
and ridiculously NOT so funny.

Isn't THIS our job as Mom and Dad?!?!?
To point our kids to Christ! they become the right type of men that the right woman wants...
And to raise daughters that desire that kind of right man?!

I am praying for all of you Mama's and Papa's out there trying your best to raise your kids to follow Jesus.
I am praying for all of the future Brides and Grooms out there that you aim to be all that God has called you to be.
To one day have a family that is sold out for Jesus Christ.

click on the link for an incredible song!
Hey all you teens that 
follow this blog...
pray for your future spouse...

Don't settle for less!
Love ya'll!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jesus, Firm Foundation

different perspective brings struggles...wrestling with my  inner man.
the man that  weakly wanders, fearfully waits, constantly disobeys....
wrestling my inner man brings a glorious new perspective...on the depravity of my heart.
(how about you? Seen the depths of your heart lately???)
and sometimes a new perspective brings ya right back where you started from...
square. one.
the. basics.
with. new. eyes. to. see.
with. new. ears. to. hear.
with. a. new. heart. to. love.
with. new. hands. to. serve.
with. new. feet. to. share. the. Good. News.
with. a. stronger. voice. to. speak. truth.
with a joyful radiance that spreads
I am studying
"The Explicit Gospel" by Matt Chandler
( incredible study!!!)
and it is back to the basics.
Funny how much stuff we pack on top of a really, really, really
yet profound truth.

"Our failure to realize the gravity of eternity reveals several issues at play in our lives. 
An underestimation
of the nature of sin.
An overestimation 
of our own abilities.
And a
drastic downplay of the extremity of God's Grace."
~Matt Chandler
excerpt from-The Explicit Gospel pp.33

How firm is my foundation?!

How firm is the foundation.
Is the foundation of your faith...
well,um...your faith?
Or is the foundation of your faith...
Christ alone.
What is the Gospel?
Is the Gospel the 'Jesus-plus something' program?
Is the Gospel enough to save you and keep you?

I think it is easy to think of accepting the Gospel as the starting point of the walk with Christ and then we advance on from there...
The Gospel is the point...THE WHOLE POINT. 
it is the beginning...the sustaining...the ending. If it is the 'Jesus-plus something" that saves me and that keeps me...than it is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
It is all about the Gospel.
It is all about Jesus.
The Gospel saves me.
The Gospel keeps me.
The Gospel sanctifies me.
(before I knew Him...He knew me...and while I was yet in sin he had a plan through Jesus to rescue me) 
(God is conforming me to his image through my circumstances)


(click to listen)