Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Calmer of the Storm

Breathe.deep. This is going to be an incredible journey together!
" To be known and accepted are the two most fundamental needs a human has." ~Jennie Allen

Jesus is not going to BAIL us out from our issues....but to BIND us to Himself as he walks us through the mess. 

We. need. Jesus.desperately.
to. hold. us. tightly.
to. not. let. go.
to. heal.
to. be. whole.

" When my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the Rock that is higher than I."
~ Psalm 61:2

Either we have been in one...
We are going through one...
or we are going to be in one soon.
We are human and as humans we live in a world of pain that leaves us battered, bruised and scarred.
The good-the bad-and the just plain ugly.
I have them.
You have them.

The point of this study is to put the Gospel of Jesus Christ in perspective. That God is on the Throne.... and when we see what God has to say about Himself in His word--we can see our sufferings through His eyes.

" Teach me Lord
to have faith 
in what your bringing me
will change my life
and bring you glory.
There on the storm
I am learning to let go
of the will 
that I so long to control.
There may I be
in your arms eternally.
I thank you Lord
You are the
Calmer of the Storm."
~chorus to this amazing Downhere